Lower East Side Expedition

Last night in the Lower East Side heralded the start of the fall season for many of the gallery spaces.   I caught a few of the gallery shows, but mostly just enjoyed walking around the neighborhood.

 Aïda Ruilova, Goner, 2010

I viewed Aïda Ruilova’s video Goner at Salon94 Bowery (Sept. 7th-Oct. 23rd).  The particularly brutal video showed the artist in a domestic interior.  In an unclear fashion, the artist self mutilates or the figure behind the camera assaults her body.  The mixed metaphor of self-violence, mixed with aggression from behind a camera presents a piece that is difficult to watch.  The conventional beauty of the artists highlights the bloody assault.  Even though the artist intends to be shocking, it is hard to view the violence with out fixating on her personal beauty.


Andrew Gbur, Untitled, 2010

In an attempt to enjoy art which was less abrasive, I headed to Eleven Rivington to see the three person group show “Andrew Gbur, Keltie Ferris, Jackie Saccoccio” (Sept. 7th-Oct. 16th).   The artists all exhibited large scale paintings, with bright colors, and abstract forms.  Despite having the least amount of work in the show, Keltie Ferris dominated with her work [[[///]]].  In addition to being more formally developed, Ferris’ painting brought a spontaneous energy to the gallery.  The other works sitting beside the Ferris’ canvas seems underdeveloped or unimaginative.  It was nice to see large-scale works within a Lower East Side Gallery and be able to spend ample time with each work.   While the smaller spaces of the LES lend themselves to less monumental work, it is always refreshing to focus on large-scale colorful canvases.

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